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The Woggle Makers Scout Woggle Red 20p Biodegradable Leather Woggles - 100% genuine Leather Loop Scout Woggles

20p Leather Scout Woggle | 100% genuine Leather Loop Scout Woggles | Worldwide shipping

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New for 2020 - 20p biodegradable leather Scout Woggles. 

Ever lost a Scout woggle when out on an adventure and just don't know where it's gone? If it was a plastic woggle it could take up to 450 years to decompose, The WoggleMakers lovely leather woggles take just 4 to 5 years so won't be lying around in Woodland or Waterways for Centuries to come.

The WoggleMakers 20p leather Scout woggles  are made from 100% genuine 1.4mm  leather and have a fixed rivet to keep the woggle fixed securely around any size necker and they come in all the colours of the rainbow! 

There's no need to buy a non-biodegradable plastic Scout woggles ever again -  For just 20p the WoggleMakers will hand-make you a biodegradable eco-friendly leather woggle and deliver it straight to your door! 

Together we can help save the planet one woggle at a time.

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