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Saving the planet one woggle at a time - Lovely Leather Neckslides

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Did you know that it takes over 450+ years for a plastic woggle to decompose - that's a lot of lost woggles! 

The WoggleMakers are on a mission to save the planet one woggle at a time and we're making it our mission to replace every plastic woggle in the UK with a leather one free of charge. We're also subsidising the cost of the sliders to price match the plastic loop woggles so there's no financial impact to Group's wishing to match the switch. 

If you're currently using plastic woggles, please join our group over at Facebook by searching 'Plastic Woggle Amnesty'. Over 26,000 other Beaver, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers Rainbows, Brownies, Guides have pledged to recycle their old plastic woggles and are sharing their amazing ideas on how to recycle them.

In return for their plastic woggle pledges, the WoggleMakers are currently sending out thousands of woggles to groups across the country. 

If you're already pledged and are visiting to restock your woggles... thank you so much for taking part in the Woggle Amnesty and making your pledge!

Together the Scouting Community can save the planet one woggle at a time. 

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