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The Woggle Makers Scout Woggle Red 35p Leather Biodegradable Scout Woggle -100% Genuine Leather Woggle

Leather Scout Woggle | 35p Biodegradable Leather Scout Woggle | Worldwide Shipping

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If you prefer your Scout Woggles a little more heavy weight, our 35p Saving The Planet One Woggle at time are what you're look for. Using 2.4mm thick leather, these Simple Loop Woggles are made from premium grade high quality leather The WoggleMakers are best known for. 

They're also a fantastic alternative to Plastic woggles. Did you know that a plastic woggles takes at least 450 years to decompose compared to just a few years for leather, so although the WoggleMakers woggle fit perfectly around any necker, if do they do become lost on camp you can be reassured that, unlike a plastic woggle, it won't be lying around in woodland or waterways for Centuries!  

The WoggleMakers leather woggles are made from 100% genuine 2.4mm leather and have a fixed rivet to keep the woggle fixed securely around any size necker and they come in all the colours of the rainbow! 

There's no need to ever buy a plastic Woggle ever again!

Together we can help save the planet one woggle at a time