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35p Leather Scout Woggles UK | Lovely Leather Neckslides | Worldwide Shipping

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Affordable doesn't need to mean cheap Leather Neckslide Woggles - Keep Scout Neckers Neat and Tidy

These neck slides are made from thicker leather than the 20p Neck Slides and match the rest of the range of Woggles you can see on the WoggleMakers website. 

Did you know that it takes over 450+ years for a non-biodegrable plastic woggle to decompose - that's a lot of lost woggles!

The WoggleMakers are on a mission to save the planet one woggle at a time and we're making it our mission to replace every plastic woggle in the UK with a leather woggle.  If a leather woggle is lost it'll decompose within a few years! As part of our Plastic Woggle Amnesty, The WoggleMakers are subsidising the cost of a leather woggle so they price match the cheap plastic ones. 

We are working with Scout stores across the UK and Together we can help save the planet one woggle at a time.